Biosphere reserves differ from National Parks and Wildlife sanctuaries because in the former
(a) human beings are not allowed to enter
(b) people are an integral part of the system
(c) plants are paid greater attention than the animals
(d) living organisms are brought from all over the world and preserved for posterity

(b) : Biosphere reserves, National Park and wild life sanctuaries are all protected arcas but differ from each other in some ways.

National parks are reserved for betterment of wild life. Cultivation, grazing forestry and habitat manipulations are not allowed.

Sanctuaries are tracts of land with or with out lake where wild life can take refuge without being hunted. Harvesting of timber, collection of forest products, tilling of land, private ownership of land etc., are allowed. Biosphere reserves are multipurpose protected area which arc meant for
preserving genetic diversity in representative ecosystems of various national biomass and unique biological communities by protecting wild life, traditional life style of tribals and domesticated plant/animal genetic resources.

Each biosphere reserve has 3 zones :-(i) core or natural zone where no human activity is allowed, (ii) Buffer zone- limited human activity is allowed like education and research (iii) Transition zone
It is the outer most zone wherc an active co- operation is presen between reserve management and local people for activities like agriculture, tourism and forestry.

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