NEET Zoology Biomolecules Questions Solved

AIIMS - 2006

The figure given below shows three velocity substrate concentration curves for an enzyme reaction. What do the curves a, b,  and c depict respectively?

(a) a - normal enzyme reaction

     b - competitive inhibition

     c - non-competitive inhibition

(b) a - enzyme with an allosteric modulator added

     b - normal enzyme activity

     c - competitive inhibition

(c) a - enzyme with an allosteric stimulator

     b - competitive inhibition added

     c - normal enzyme reaction

(d) a - normal enzyme reaction

     b - non-competitive inhibitor added

     c - allosteric inhibitor added

(a) Enzymes or biocatalyst are proteinaceous substance that are capable of biological systems without themselves undergoing any change. In the graph a shows normal enzyme reaction, graph b shows competitive inhibition and graph c shows non competitive inhibition. In competitive inhibition the inhibitor, which is a substrate analogue, combines reversibly to the free enzyme at the active site. In non-competitive inhibition, the inhibitor binds to enzyme at a place other than substrate binding site. It results in destruction of enzyme activity.

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