NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved

Which one of the following pairs of terms / names mean one and the same thing?

(1) Gene pool - genome

(2) Codon – gene

(3) Cistron – triplet

(4) DNA fingerprinting - DNA profiling


(4) Gene pool is the total gene present in a population. Genome is the total genetic constitution of an organism. Codon is the basic unit of genetic code, a sequence of three adjacent nucleotide in DNA or mRNA that code for an amino acid. Gene is the basic unit of heredity; a sequence of DNA nucleotide that encodes a protein.

Cistron is a segment of DNA nucleotides that codes for a polypeptide chain. Triplet is a three nucleotides sequence coding for an amino acid.


codon   triplet

cistron gene

DNA fingerprinting is technically called DNA profiling or DNA typing.

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