NEET Botany Biodiversity and Conservation Questions Solved

NEET - 2006

Which of the following is considered a hot-spot of biodiversity in india ?

(a) Western ghats

(b) Indo-Gangetic plain

(c) Eastern ghats

(d) Aravali hills

(a) Hot spots are the areas with high density of diversity or megadiversity which are also the most threatened once. Today, the number of hot spots identified by ecologists are 25 of which two hotspots are present in India i.e., Western Ghats and North-East Himalayas. Western Ghats occur along the western coast of India for a distance of about 1600 km in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala extending over to Srilanka. Eastern Himalayas hot spot extends from Bhutan to Myanamar covering most of north-east. In India, Indo-ganiatic plain, Eastern ghats and Aravali hills are mainly not considered a hot spot of biodiversity

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