NEET Botany Biodiversity and Conservation Questions Solved

NEET - 2008

The table below gives the populations (in thousands) of ten species (A-J) in four areas (a-d) consisting of the number of habitats given within brackets against each. Study the table and answer the question which follows:

Which area out of a to d shows maximum species diversity?
(a) b
(b) c
(c) d
(d) a

(c) Habitat is the place where an organism live. Population has been defined as a collective group of organisms of the same species occupying a particular place at a particular time. In the given table the area d has maximum species diversity, as there are 10 species (A-J) reside in 12 habitats, while in area c the 10 species reside in 13 habitats so, exhibit less diversity than area d.

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