NEET Botany Mineral Nutrition Questions Solved

NEET - 2013

The first stable product of fixation of atmospheric nitrogen in leguminous plants is

(a) NO2-

(b) ammonia

(c) NO3-

(d) glutamate

(b) The process of conversion of nitrogen (N2) to ammonia is termed as nitrogen fixation.

         N2           N2H2           N2H4           2NH3  (Nitrogen)     (Dimide)     (Hydrazine)    (Ammonia)   2NH3 + 3O2           2NO2- +2H+ + 2H2O   2NO2 + O2            2NO3-

In reductive animation ammonia reacts with a-ketoglutaric acid and forms glutamic acid

α-ketoglutaric acid +NH4+ + NADPH DehydrogenaeGlutamate Glutamate +H2O + NADP

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