NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved

NEET - 2014

Commonly used vectors for human genome sequencing are

(1) T-DNA

(2) BAC and YAC

(3) Expression vectors

(4) T/A cloning vectors

(2) Commonly used vector for human genome sequencing are BAC (Bacterial Artificial Chromosome) and YAC BAC is a DNA construct, based on a functional fertility, plasmid (Fplasuid) used for transforming and cloning in bacteria (e.coli) and YAC are genetically engineered chromosomes derived from the DNA of the yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is then ligated into a bacterial plasma.

Difficulty Level:

  • 8%
  • 81%
  • 7%
  • 6%