NEET Zoology Reproductive Health Questions Solved

NEET - 2016

Which of the following approaches does not give the defined action of contraceptive?

(a) Intra uterine devices               Increase phagocytosis of sperms, suppress sperm motility and fertilising capacity of sperms

(b) Hormonal contraceptives         Prevent/ retard entry of sperms, prevent ovulation and fertilisation

(c) Vasectomy                             Prevents spermatogenesis

(d) Barrier methods                     Prevent fertilisation

(c) In vasectomy, a small part of the vas-deferens is removed or tied up through a small incision on the scrotum in males. Vasectomy blocks the gamete transport’’ and does not affect spermatogenesis.

Difficulty Level:

  • 11%
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