NEET Botany Biological Classification Questions Solved

NEET - 2008

Cellulose is the major component of cell walls of

(1) Pythium

(2) Xanthomonas

(3) Pseudomonas

(4) Saccharomyces

Audio Explanation:

(1) Fungal cell wall contains 80-90% carbohydrates, the remainder being proteins and lipids. The typical feature of fungal cell wall is presence of chitin but cellulose does occur in cell walls of Oomycetes (eg, Pythium) and Hyphochytridiomycetes.

The cell wall of Saccharomyces is thin, delicate, firm and chitinous in nature. It is made up of two polysaccharides namely glucans and mannan in combination with traces of protein, Lipid. The cellulose is absent.

The cell wall of bacteria is formed of peptidoglycan. It is a polymer of N-acetyl glucosamine and N-acetyl muramic acid.


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