A body travels for 15 sec starting from rest with constant acceleration. If it travels distances S1, S2 and S3 in the first five seconds, second five seconds and next five seconds respectively the relation between S1, S2 and S3 is 

(1) S1=S2=S3

(2) 5S1=3S2=S3

(3) S1=13S2=15S3  

(4) S1=15S2=13S3

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Concept Questions :-

Uniformly accelerated motion


Distance travelled in first 5 sec S1=12a(5)2

Distance travelled in next 5 sec S2= 12a(10)2 - 12a(5)2 =3a(5)22 

Distance travelled from t =11s to t=15 s,

S3 =a(15)22 -a(10)22 =5a(5)22

If the body starts from rest and moves with constant acceleration then the ratio of distances in consecutive equal time interval S1:S2:S3=1:3:5    

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