NEET Botany Biological Classification Questions Solved


I. Are mostly marine and photosynthetic.

II. Have a cell wall that has stiff cellulose plates on the outer surface.

III. Have two flagella

IV. Have chloroplasts bound by three membranes

The correct statements are:

(1) I, II and III

(2) I, III and IV

(3) II, III and IV

(4) I, II III and IV

(4) Many dinoflagellates are known to be photosynthetic, but a large fraction of these are in fact mixotrophic, combining photosynthesis with ingestion of prey (phagotrophy). Dinoflagellates are unicellular and possess two dissiimilar flagella arising from the ventral cell side (dinokont flagellation). Dinoflagellates have a complex cell covering called an amphiesma or cortex, composed of a series of membranes, flattened vesicles called alveolae (= amphiesmal vesicles) and related structures. In armoured dinoflagellates, these support overlapping cellulose plates to create a sort of armor called the theca

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