Which one of the following is incorrect about the characteristics of protobionts (coacervates and microspheres) as envisaged in the abiogenic origin of life?

(a) They were able to reproduce

(b) They could separate combinations of molecules from the surroundings

(c) They were partially isolated from the surroundings

(d) They could maintain an internal environment

(d) Homeostasis is keeping the internal environment of the body constant. It is necessary for normal life processes. Microspheres are molecular aggregates of proteinoids. Oparin and Sydney fox held that large organic molecules synthesised abiotically on primitive earth formed large colloidal aggregates due to the intermolecular attraction.

These colloidal particles were called coacervates. Oparin called giant nucleoproteinoid molecules as protobionts. These reproduce either by budding or binary fission but do not exhibit homeostasis.

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