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Course Description

    Study Content includes:
  • Concept & Problem-Solving Video Lectures (Hinglish & English)
  • 15000+ NCERT based practice questions (TARGET series)
  • Chapter Tests With Live Problem Solving Session
  • All India Test Series
  • Detailed video/text solution of 15000+ practice questions
    For Systematic Preparation, we provide the following tools to help you prepare well:
  • Target Setting Feature
  • Bookmarking and Note-taking feature for every study material
  • Revision Feature (Daily & Chapterwise)

Why Nucleus Course?

  • Quick revision features

    Features like flashcards and mindmaps help memorize and retain all the important formulas and statements, helping with quick revision

  • Target setting feature

    From our homepage you can set your target score out of 720. You can decide your own topics, date, time and can analyze your performance with explanation given for the best outcome.

  • Question bank and video solutions

    We have a set of 15000+ questions from all three subjects along with high level audio/ video solutions and explanations.

  • Explanation of NCERT Books

    Thorough audio explanation of entire NCERT books of Physics and Chemistry to help with concept clarity and visualization

  • Masterclass in Biology

    This is the first audio-based question bank for NEET students. Dr. NK Sharma has designed questions and audio solutions to help students CRACK 340+ in Biology in NEET exam


    Chemistry Physics Biology


Dr. N. K. Sharma


MBBS, LLRM Medical College,

Vipin Agarwal


Ex-Centre Head & Deputy
Director of Aakash

Jitendra Mishra


Founder of PMT Academy,
premier institute for NEET

Vivek Pandey

Physics Teacher

Ex-Bansal Classes 5+ Years
of Teaching Exp.

Ankur Agarwal

Physics Teacher

10 years teaching experience
presently associated

Rais Ahmad

Biology Teacher

10+ years teaching
experience for NEET

Shashi Bhushan

Chemistry Teacher

Ex- Narayana, Ex- Sri

Success Stories

One of the many benefits of joining this course was taking classes whenever I had time. I would make notes from the recorded lectures. The audio explanation of NCERT books was a real game changer for me. Teachers helped me with my doubts which made my concepts crystal clear.

Savikash Singla

Bathinda, Punjab

AIR 43

I enrolled in this course in May 2020 when covid hit. I prepared with recorded lectures and practiced a plethora of questions that are available in this course. Studying theory and doing a lot of questions based on what I have prepared boosted my confidence and helped me score 650 in my NEET exam.

Saptarshi Chaudhuri

Kolaghat, West Bengal

AIR 153

The course is a must for NEET aspirants out there. I faced a lot of difficulty in remembering facts and formulae in all 3 subjects but features like mindmaps and flashcards solved that issue and helped me achieve my dream.

Atharva Wairagade

Chandrapur, Maharashtra

AIR 371

The best thing about NEETprep courses is the customized test generator. Using this feature I could revise and practice questions based on the topics I have revised. They have questions based strictly on NCERT syllabus. This course single handedly helped me get into my dream college.

Anshika Goyal

New Delhi, Delhi

AIR 867


This course includes recorded lectures, chapterwise question bank, 15+ mock tests along with revision features like mindmap and flashcards. You will also get our best selling Biology question bank series by NK Sharma.

Mindmaps and flashcards are our quick and effective revision features which will help you revise formulae from physics and chemistry and important statements from biology in an interactive way.

Yes you sure can by going on video language tab on our website.

Definitely. You can get in touch with our counselor at 8527521718 and we will upgrade the course and adjust the amount accordingly.

Yes. Our tests are created to deliver best results. You will get 15+ Mock Tests with question bank. You can also generate customizable tests based on the topics you have studied and view explanations of those questions.

You can make customizable tests from all three subjects for the topics you have to revise/study.

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