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Why Students Should Prepare for NEET with Online Coaching Instead of Offline?

Do you think an online coaching can replace traditional offline coaching?

If Yes, then we are on the same page! 

If No, then you really need to read this post.

Here's how you can decide why you should prepare for NEET with online Coaching.

Do you know how many students prepare for NEET every year? It's 30 lac. Now the next big question is how many qualified teachers are there to teach those people?

Believe me, it's not even in 5 digits. If my calculation is right and I take the most ideal case, there will be approximately 500 students per teacher.

Seems like an issue? But what If I tell you out of these 7000 teachers 90% are in metro cities and out of 30 lac students 70% are in small cities and remote places.

Every year lot of students have been preparing for long to make their dream a reality and all they need is accurate NEET syllabus to prepare. NEET Syllabus is divided into four subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Students need to complete all the 97 chapters of NEET Syllabus in order to score good rank in NEET Exam. Also, it is important to know the steps to register for NEET application formAspirants of NEET seeking admission at the undergraduate level are advised to check the eligibility criteria of NEET.

Also, Check NEET Cutoff and NEET Result here.

Get information about AIIMS 2020 syllabus, application process and cutoff

Now, Let's get into this amazing journey where you will find why online coaching is the next big thing to make your dream, becoming a doctor, come true.

Here are the points proving why internet based learning is convenient than offline coaching.


1. Videos are the Talking Book

Below mentioned is a little comparison of why video lecture can be a helpful tool to understand things more easily than books.





1. Lengthy content required expert's guidance. An expert will explain you everything
2. Books might contain error High Retention rate (up to 70%)
3. Low Retention rate (10% only) High Retention rate (up to 70%)
4. Every topic is having the same priority Expert know which topic is more important than other
5. Take a lot of time Takes a lot less time than reading a book


2. 24X7 Access to the Lectures

Online coaching platforms provide videos available 24 hours to the students. Usually, the kit students get, after purchasing the course, includes a pen drive with all the lectures pre-installed along with the online login credentials.

This service allows students to watch the video lecture at any time, anywhere. Even without the internet connectivity, how convenient isn’t it?

You have the video lectures with you and you can access those lectures whenever you have the free time. The flexibility of timing really gives a helping hand.

Whereas, offline coaching doesn’t seem to have that flexibility. You need to choose a single slot of timing from the given options and require to stick to that schedule throughout the session.

3. Experts are always available online

Every student wishes to have an expert as their teacher, but that just doesn’t happen to everyone. Why? Cause having sessions from experts cost you way more and not all students can afford to pay such fee.

Experts don’t even have time to give you daily, offline, lectures. Offline coaching institutes have a rigid schedule to follow so they plan the expert sessions accordingly.

However, in online coaching, you don’t face such kind of a problem. You hold the complete freedom to access the lecture from an expert on any chapter at any time.

4. Boost Your Self Study with Online Coaching

Self-study will always be the best way to learn things, but sometimes books don’t explain everything you need to understand the concepts.

That said, language explained in the books proves to be difficult to understand sometimes. In such cases, students need some easy to understand language.

In school, teachers have limited time to cover up the whole NEET Syllabus. Under the pressure of which students fail to understand the concepts and teachers somehow avoid taking the pain to explain things more than twice.

However, studying online allows you to rewind the same lecture again and again until you understand the topic.

5. Saves a lot of Your Time and Money too

not every student, who has the dream to become a doctor, comes from a rich family.

Online coaching is much more economic and saves a lot of your parent's money.

Whereas, Offline coaching institute charges you in lacs as their tuition fee for NEET preparation and this surely not affordable by everyone.

Moreover, to attend the lectures you have to get to the coaching center first and that might take around half an hour to 45 minutes to travel (single side).

And this is just a time waste. Not just it wastes your time, it cost you something too.

This time, however, wastage can be eliminated with the online coaching. No travel time and money is required, just a simple login and you are good to go.


6. Practicing with Regular Test Series Made Easy

This is something which you will get in both online and offline coaching.

Both online and offline coaching have their own test series to practice but the major difference is schedule and execution.

Offline coaching has their fixed time slots for a test series to be conducted and it's not necessary that you are prepared at that time.

What may happen is, you may not be ready at the scheduled time to attempt a test and you will end up scoring a not so good result.

On the other hand, online coaching allows you to take the exam at your convenience. Go online, log in to your account, open the test series and you are good to go with that.

However, practicing online requires more discipline towards the preparation. It’s very easy to cheat on yourself and that’s what needs to be avoided.

You just need to be honest with yourself that you will prepare and attempt the test regularly.

7. Stay Updated with The Latest Notification

You will get updated with the latest changes by both the sources (offline and online). But a minor difference would be that, in offline coaching, you need to wait for the next day until you are in lecture.

And if you missed out on the lecture you missed out on the update.

Whereas, teachers of online coaching releases their views and expert advice online at the very same moment.

For example, NTA (National Testing Agency) has made some updates in the NEET 2019 exam. First, it was notified that NEET exam will be conducted twice a year from 2019 onwards.

But, now they notified that this is not going to happen. NEET exam will be held only once in a year like it was.

Watch this video to know the updates of NEET Exam

So the point is, teachers, update notifications online faster than they update in their offline classes.

And releasing the update about notifications online is much more convenient too, so this makes sense.



With the benefits of internet-based learning available, students gets comfort, convenience and guidance in just couple of clicks.

Choose the best online coaching for neet and All the Best for your preparations.



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