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Most Important Chapters of Physics for NEET Syllabus 2020 & 2021

Every year lot of students have been preparing for long to make their dream a reality and all they need is accurate NEET syllabus to prepare. NEET Syllabus is divided into four subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Students need to complete all the 97 chapters of NEET Syllabus in order to score good rank in NEET Exam. Also, it is important to know the steps to register for NEET application formAspirants of NEET seeking admission at the undergraduate level are advised to check the eligibility criteria of NEET.

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The question paper of Physics is based mostly on NCERT concepts but it is moderately helpful because some concepts need a detailed explanation that is not available in them. Through detailed analysis of multiple question papers of NEET since 2008, important chapters of physics have been laid out along with an approximate number of questions to be expected from different chapters. 

Topic wise distribution of Questions

Themes Topics No. of Questions to be Expected
Mechanics Units and Measurements 1
Mechanics Motion in 1D 1
Mechanics Motion in 2D 2
Mechanics Laws of Motion 2
Mechanics Work, Energy, and Power 2
Mechanics Rotational Motion 3
Mechanics Gravitation 2
Properties of Bulk Matter & Heat Solids 1
Properties of Bulk Matter & Heat Fluids 1
Properties of Bulk Matter & Heat Thermal Properties 2
Properties of Bulk Matter & Heat Kinetic Theory of Gases 1
Properties of Bulk Matter & Heat Thermodynamics 2
Mechanics Oscillations 2
Mechanics Waves 2
Electricity & Magnetism Electric Charges and Fields 2
Electricity & Magnetism Electrostatic Potential and Capacitance 2
Electricity & Magnetism Current Electricity 3
Electricity & Magnetism Moving Charges and Magnetism 3
Electricity & Magnetism Magnetism and Matter 1
Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic Induction 1
Electricity & Magnetism Alternating Current 2
Electricity & Magnetism Electromagnetic Waves 1
Optics & Modern Physics Ray Optics 3
Optics & Modern Physics Wave Optics 1
Optics & Modern Physics Dual nature of Matter and Radiation 2
Optics & Modern Physics Atom 1
Optics & Modern Physics Nuclei 2
Optics & Modern Physics Semiconductor Electronics 2

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The distribution of questions will help students to prioritize their learning and study effectively to score as much as they can in the physics section. Overall, the physics section will be divided into 4 major themes.

Question distribution as per themes

Themes No. of Questions to be Expected
Mechanics 15
Optics and Modern Physics 10
Electricity and Magnetism 13
Properties of Bulk matters and Heat (Others) 7
Total 45

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Effective study plan based on the distribution of topics:

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