Most Important Chapters – Physics NEET 2019, 2020 Syllabus

Through detailed analysis of multiple question papers of NEET since 2008, important chapters of physics have been laid out along with an approximate number of questions to be expected from different chapters.

  • Topic wise distribution of Questions
ThemesTopicsNo. of Questions to be Expected
Units and Measurements1
MechanicsMotion in 1D1
MechanicsMotion in 2D2
MechanicsLaws of Motion2
MechanicsWork, Energy, and Power2
MechanicsRotational Motion3
Properties of Bulk Matter & HeatSolids1
Properties of Bulk Matter & HeatFluids1
Properties of Bulk Matter & HeatThermal Properties2
Properties of Bulk Matter & HeatKinetic Theory of Gases1
Properties of Bulk Matter & HeatThermodynamics2
Electricity & MagnetismElectric Charges and Fields2
Electricity & MagnetismElectrostatic Potential and Capacitance2
Electricity & MagnetismCurrent Electricity3
Electricity & MagnetismMoving Charges and Magnetism3
Electricity & MagnetismMagnetism and Matter1
Electricity & MagnetismElectromagnetic Induction1
Electricity & MagnetismAlternating Current2
Electricity & MagnetismElectromagnetic Waves1
Optics & Modern PhysicsRay Optics3
Optics & Modern PhysicsWave Optics1
Optics & Modern PhysicsDual nature of Matter and Radiation2
Optics & Modern PhysicsAtom1
Optics & Modern PhysicsNuclei2
Optics & Modern PhysicsSemiconductor Electronics2
  • The distribution of questions will help students to prioritize their learning and study effectively to score as much as they can in the physics section.
  • Overall, the physics section will be divided into 4 major themes.
  • Question distribution as per themes
ThemesNo. of Questions to be Expected
Optics and Modern Physics10
Electricity and Magnetism13
Properties of Bulk matters and Heat (Others)7
  • Effective study plan based on the distribution of topics:
  • The topics related to ‘Optics and Modern physics’ are comparatively easier to score in and it is advisable to study this section well.
  • The topics mentioned in ‘Mechanics’ are all inter-related and therefore, should be studied well.
  • Covering ‘Mechanics and Optics and Modern Physics’ well will allow students to cover 25 questions in the physics section.
  • Since Electricity and magnetism covers a major portion of the physics section, candidates are advised to focus well on this portion.
  • If time-management is becoming difficult and a student needs to prioritize their study material, it is advisable to study selectively from the section ‘Properties of Bulk matters and Heat’.