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Most Important Chapters of Chemistry for NEET Syllabus 2020 & 2021

Every year lot of students have been preparing for long to make their dream a reality and all they need is accurate NEET syllabus to prepare. NEET Syllabus is divided into four subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. Students need to complete all the 97 chapters of NEET Syllabus in order to score good rank in NEET Exam. Also, it is important to know the steps to register for NEET application formAspirants of NEET seeking admission at the undergraduate level are advised to check the eligibility criteria of NEET.

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Through detailed analysis of multiple question papers of NEET, important chapters of chemistry have been laid out along with an approximate number of questions to be expected from different chapters.


Topic wise distribution of Questions:

Topics No. of Questions to be Expected
Basic concepts of Chemistry 1
Structure of Atom 2
Periodic Table 2
Chemical Bonding 4
States of Matter 1
Thermodynamics 2
Equilibrium 4
Redox Reactions 1
Hydrogen 1
S-Block elements 1
P-Block elements 1
Basics of Organic Chemistry 5
Hydrocarbons 1
Environmental Chemistry
Solid State 2
Solutions 2
Electro Chemistry 2
Chemical Kinetics 2
Surface Chemistry 1
p-Block Elements 2
D & f Block Elements 2
Coordination Compounds 3
Metallurgy 1
Haloalkanes & Haloarenes 1
Alcohol, Phenols & Ethers 1
Aldehydes, Ketones & Carboxylic Acids 2
Amines 1
Polymers 1
Biomolecules 2
Chemistry in Everyday life 1

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Effective study plan based on the distribution of topics

  • For the first 4 chapters, NCERT is a must-read to build a strong foundation.
  • For chemistry, students should cover all the topics as they are all inter-related and leaving out on a topic can affect one’s understanding of different yet connected topics. For instance- equilibrium and electrochemistry are inter-related
  • Chemistry is a moderately difficult section in the exam. The questions range from theoretical and reasoning based to practical.
  • Students should focus more on application based questions.
  • NEET 2019 is expected to have more questions from class XII syllabus as compared to class XI. Last year there were 24 questions from class XII and 21 from class XI.
  • Organic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry are extremely important and carry the maximum weightage.

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