Most Important Chapters from NEET Biology Syllabus 2019, 2020

Through detailed analysis of multiple question papers of NEET since 2006, important chapters of biology have been laid out along with an approximate number of questions to be expected from different chapters

  • Topic wise distribution of Questions:
TopicsNo. of Questions Expected
Living World1
Biological Classification4
Plant Kingdom3
1 Morphology of Flowering Plants4
Cell: Unit of Life 4
Cell Cycle and Cell Division 2
Transport in Plants1
Mineral Nutrition2
Photosynthesis 2
Respiration in Plants 1
Plant growth and Development 2
Reproduction in Organisms 1
Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants4
Principles of Inheritance and Variation4
Molecular Basis of Inheritance5
Microbes in Human welfare2
Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production2
Organisms & population2
Environmental Issues4
Animal Kingdom4
Structural Organization in Animals2
Digestion & Absorption2
Breathing & Exchange of Gases2
Excretory Products & their Elimination1
Body fluids & circulation2
Locomotion & Movement2
Neural Control & Coordination3
Chemical Coordination & Integration3
Human Reproduction4
Reproductive Health2
Human Health and Disease3
Evolution 4
Biotechnology: Principles & processes3
Biotechnology and its Applications2
  • Effective study plan based on the distribution of topics:
  • Chapters in the must-read category should be emphasized upon to have a strong foundation for the biology section.
  • Students are advised to study NCERT books well.
  • Practicing around 200 questions will help students prepare well for the biology section.