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How to prepare for NEET Exam?

how to prepare for neet exam

 It’s time to prepare and get ready for your NEET attempt and for that you should know how to prepare well for that. If you don’t have a productive plan for your neet preparation yet then no worries.

This post will help you a lot in having an amazingly effective study plan to prepare for the neet.

Did you know every year over 12 lakhs students write neet exam? And the percentage of passing students is approximately 50 %. This means that you have to come up with a really good plan to save a spot for you among those 50%.

Students, who are appearing for the neet exam, always have the question of how to prepare for neet? What schedule should we follow? How much should we study daily? neet preparation tips? And the list goes on.


Well, all of these questions are gonna be answered here. In this post, you will find how much time you have to give your studies and what to study and more. Here's the list of most important chapters for NEET that will help you prepare strong.


You must have been told, or maybe you think, that you have to study for like 10 hrs a day for continuously 2 years without any day off to get the neet entrance exam cleared.


neet prepairing


Do you think that would be a possible task for you to give such an amount of time to your studies with the hectic school schedule? Correct, NO.


Preparing for neet doesn’t mean that you have to put a stop button on your personal life or to put your health (both mental and physical) at stake.




This is how your study SMART according to the experts.


What is a smart study?


Neet (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is an entrance exam conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education for undergraduate students to pursue the MBBS and BDS courses all over India.

So, for an entrance exam (which is extremely difficult) you should only study enough to clear the exam and get admission/entrance in a government college. Studying smart is all about reducing stress, efficient, and producing optimal results.


What is the enough?


NCERT book. Neet exam covers NCERT syllabus as well so you should go through with the stuff that you have already prepared for in your board examination.

Make sure you don’t waste much time on the chapters you have prepared well for your board exams and focus on the part of the syllabus that is uncovered.

Coaching also plays a major role in neet preparation. However, it is not easy to find the right one. Online coaching for neet preparation is also a good option as you will have the opportunity to learn from the experts and it also saves a lot of your time and money.

online coaching for neet


You can consider NEET PREP for your neet preparation. NEET PREP is the online video course for neet preparation. They have the experts to teach you the best.


With you NCERT chapter you watch a video class for that particular chapter and practice at least 100 question.


Let me elaborate it a little more.


There are a total of 97 chapters in neet syllabus out of which 29 is in Physics, 30 in Chemistry, and 38 in Biology.


The estimated time for a complete a chapter from NCERT book is 3 hrs.


Watching video of the same chapter will take around 7 hrs.


And practicing with 100 questions will take approximately 5 hrs.

Check out these best books for NEET Preparation that will help you crack NEET easily.


NOTE - Prepare notes while watching the video, don’t watch it like a movie.


prepare notes while study


So, the above calculation makes a total of 15 hrs and that is for the whole week. According to the total of the whole week, you have to give 2-3 hrs daily to your neet preparation. It’s up to you whether you wanna make it 2-3 hrs at a stretch or you want to break into intervals.


Just make sure you are completing a chapter in a week.


What is the success rate?


The next question of yours must be “What are the chances of clearing the neet entrance exam with this study approach?”


neet exam success graph


Let’s understand this with an example and let’s talk about numbers (will be more easy for you to understand).


As I mentioned above that every year more than 12 lac students appear in neet exam, out of which 50,000 - 75000 students followed this study schedule.


Not less than 35,000 students will not just clear the entrance exam but will also get admission in a government college.


According to the numbers, the success rate is 50%. But you have to work really hard and be honest towards yourself for your studies to be in those 35,000 students.




tips for neet preparation


1. Make sure to give major of your time to work on weaker areas. It may be possible that you are strong in one subject and weak in the other. Work hard more on the weaker areas to strengthen them. Find out more ways to work on that.


2. Practice test papers. It is very important that you practice more and more mock tests during your preparation. This will help in making you more confident.


Try to set time limits for your mock test series same as the exam. It will help you with streamline with a speed to complete the exam on time.


3. Guesswork might be risky, so don’t fall for that. It is highly recommended in neet to leave a question completely if you are not sure with the answer.


4. Be positive. Your positive attitude towards the preparation will lead you towards positive results.




You will get 180 minutes to complete the test. Bifurcate it into three parts:


  1. First, try to finish 90 questions of biology (Botany & Zoology) in 50 min.
  2. Then, try to finish 45 questions of chemistry in 60 min.
  3. Finally, come to physics and try finishing 45 questions in 70 min.


Each section will have 45 questions. Total 180 question.


  • Focus majorly on Biology as it has the major total of 360 marks out 720 which is really a big number and you need 530 marks to get your exam cleared so if you score 300 out 360 marks that would be a big help to achieve the target.


Hope this help.All the best.

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