NEET 2020 | How to Prepare for NEET 

Topper's Strategy of attempting NEET Exam

neet exam strategy

If you are reading this post, I am assuming that you already know what NEET is. For just a glance, NEET (National Entrance Cum Entrance Test) is an entrance test for the students who wish to graduate in medical courses like MBBS & BDS. 

After clearing the entrance, students search for medical colleges (Private or Govt.) to get admission in. Neet is considered to be one of the toughest exams to clear.

And a difficult exam demands strong preparation too. Your neet preparation should be strong enough to pass the neet exam with the flying colors and for that strong preparation, you must have an effective study plan.

However, the question, how to prepare for neet exam? Is also included in the question of neet preparation.

So, here I will share some powerful tips that you must consider to be your strategy to attempt the neet exam. Read about how to avoid distractions.

Attempting the exam in a right and a planned way will surely help to score good marks. Planning to attempt the exam is the final step for your neet preparation. Here's the list of 10 Important things to keep in mind in order to crack NEET Exam.

You need to be very clear on how you are going to attempt the paper in order to finish it on time and avoid negative markings in order to maximize your score.



neet exam time management

You have 180 questions in neet exam and 180 minutes to solve them. This means you have one minute to solve each question.

Out of those 180 questions, it’s expected, 140 would be based out on theory or simple numerical.

These questions won’t take more than half a minute. So, considering that you can spend approx. 3 minutes for the real challenging problem.

So, in a summary, you have got 3 min. For hard problems, 2 min. For the tough problems, and 1 min. For easier problems.


subject wise time management

The most scoring subject out of all 3 is biology. This subject has the major total of 360 marks out of 720 marks and the questions would theory based.

So it would be less time taking than the other two.

Look at the below table to understand more:



Try to complete the biology section in 45 min.

And target 82 (right answers) out of 90 questions.



Complete this section of the exam within 60 min.

35 (correct answer) out of 45.



Take 65 min. To solve this section.

And here, target 30 (right answers) out of 45.

There is a reason I have talked about the “Correct Answers”. Neet exam has negative marking scheme as well and not every question you attempt will be right.

So, you have to set your strategy keeping in mind about the negative marking. And here, I am assuming the remaining questions are incorrect.

Check out the Exam Pattern of NEET.

If you get 82 questions right out of 90 questions in Biology that would make 320 marks.

35 correct answers out 45 in Chemistry would give you 130 marks.

In physics, 30 correct answers out of 45 questions will make 105 marks.

This will totally make 555 marks out of 720 and if you succeed in getting this result you will just have the good chances to admitted in a good medical college.

Here's the list of most important chapters for NEET Examination.


neet exam subject wise

As details mentioned above, according to me, the preferred order would be Biology | Chemistry | Physics.

However, the order to attempt the exam is not much important but yes, it plays a good role in building up your strategy to attempt the exam.

Another thing you can do is, solve as many test series as you can with different orders and see what order works best for.

Follow that order and include it in your strategy.

HOW TO PRACTICE ACCORDING FOR SECOND POINT (Time Management According to Subject)

Let’s start with the bio.

Take a set of 90 questions for biology and set an alarm for 45 min. Solve the questions within the set time and check how close you are to 82 correct answers.

prepare for neet biology

Do accordingly for the other two (Chemistry & Physics) subjects.

Now, it’s not easy to follow the regime but you have signed in for Neet that means you don’t like easy things.

If you have already started preparing for the 2019 attempt then you have enough time to prepare efficiently. Build your strategy to attempt the exam with the preparation and prepare accordingly.

In my opinion, you should start off with zoology syllabus and botany syllabus (biology). Get done with and then as soon as you can and then focus on Chemistry and Physics.

IMPORTANT Note : Try to avoid negative marking. You need to have clarity on what you know and what you don’t know.

Every negative mark avoided is also a mark gained.