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Thermodynamics - Questions, Tests and Video Lectures


The table given below elucidates the topics of Thermodynamics

Serial No. Topics
1 System & Sorroundings 
2 State and Path Functions 
3 Internal Energy & 1st Law of Thermodynamics
4 Heat
5 Work
6 Intro to Thermodynamic Processes
7 Details of Various Thermodynamic Processes
8 Reversible & Irreversible Thermodynamic Processes
9 Work done in Isothermal Reversible Expansion
10 Work done in Isothermal Irreversible Exapansion
11 Work done in Adiabatic Reversible Expansion
12 Work done in Adiabatic Irreversible Expansion
13 Enthalpy
14 Calorimeter
15 Enthalpy Change and Affecting Factors
16 Solved Problems on Factors Affecting Enthalpy Change
17 Enthalpy of Reaction: Combustion
18 Solved problem on Combustion
19 Enthalpy of Phase Transition , Dilution and Solution
20 Enthalpy of Neutralization
21 Enthalpy of Atomization & Bond Dissociation
22 Laws of Thermochemistry & Born Haber Cycle
23 What is Spontaneity
24 Entropy 
25 Entroy Change Estimation
26 Slope of Different Processes
27 Slope of Indicator Diagram
28 Question on Polytropic Process
29 Conversion from PV Graph to PT & VT Graphs
30 Derivation of Efficiency of Carnot Heat Engine
31 Heat Engine, Refrigerator & Heat Pump
32 Second Law of Thermodynamics


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Class Chapter Expected questions
11th Class Thermodynamics 2

Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

Serial No. Thermodynamics
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