NEET 2020 | Tips - How to Prepare for NEET | 10 important tips to crack NEET 

How to stay focused for NEET?

Don’t run from your distractions instead schedule them.  

Students have to keep on asking this questions that they get too much distracted with their respective distractions so how they can ignore them or run from them. 

A neet aspirant is required to study for 8-10 hours daily to crack the neet exam. it’s hard for students to keep themselves focus for such long hours for months.

Distractions come in many forms. From Facebook to WhatsApp, chatting to a meeting, boyfriend to girlfriend and many more.

Students usually try to stop being involved in it and end up engaging in these distractions more than their studies. Experts say to have a daily study plan for neet or for any other exam you are preparing for.

There is a reason behind it. Making your study timetable scheduled binds students to follow it throughout the day and help them in better preparation.

Assume about making a schedule for the distractions. Let’s admit it, it is a really tough job to get rid of the distractions for the students, especially at such age.

Scheduling them will help to indulge in the distractions but to a very limited extent. This won’t harm students personal life and studies at all. Besides how well students schedule and how honest they are with their schedule.


So, how can we schedule them? Well, here is a schedule you can follow:

NOTE: This schedule is the bifurcation of 24 hrs. And how you can borrow some time for distractions.


• Study for 8 – 10 hours a day including the revision time.


• 7 hours sleep


• 4 hours other things (breakfast, lunch, refreshing up etc.)


Now, students can give 3 hours to your distractions.


Students can play in such a time or can spend this time outside or go to meet a friend or anything they like to do.


Looks easy right? But trust me, it’s not.


At this age, students create a number of schedules but fail to follow any of them. That won’t work for an exam like NEET.


Click here to see a video of an expert, Mr. Kapil Gupta, explaining it in a more elaborative way.


Now that you have watched, good luck scheduling your "ME TIME".