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Plant Kingdom - Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

The table given below elucidates the topics of Alternating Current

Serial No. Topics
1 Classification of System: I
2 Classification of System: II
3 Algae
4 Chlorophyceae: Green Algae: I
5 Chlorophyceae: Green Algae: II
6 Chlorophyceae: Green Algae: III
7 Pheophycae: Brown Algae
8 Rhodophyceae: Red Algae & Importance of Algae
9 Bryophytes
10 Bryophytes (Liveworts)
11 Bryophytes(Anthocerotopsida & Moses) & Importance
12 Pteridophytes
13 Pteridophytes: Heterospory
14 Classification of Pteridophytes: I
15 Classification of Pteridophytes: II
16 Gymnosperms: I
17 General Account of Gymnosperm: II
18 Examples og Gymnosperms
19 General Account of Angiosperm
20 Life cycle Patterns in Plants


Chapter's Weightage in NEET Exam

Class Chapter Expected questions
11th Class Plant Kingdom 3

Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

Serial No. Plant Kingdom
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