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Oscillations - Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

The table given below elucidates the topics of Oscillations

Serial No. Topics
1 Introduction  to Simple Harmonic Motion
2 Questions on Phase
3 SHM as Projection of Circular Motion
4 Phase Relationship between Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration
5 Graphs of Displacement, Velocity & Acceleration in SHM
6 Kinetic & Potential Energy in SHM
7 Examples of SHM: Spring Block System
8 Examples of SHM:Floating Cylinder
9 Examples of SHM:Liquid in VTube
10 Angular SHM & Physical Pendulum
11 Simple Pendulum
12 Combination of Springs
13 Damped Oscillations
14 Resonance


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11th Class Oscillations  

Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

Serial No. Oscillations
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