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Laws of Motion - Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

The table given below elucidates the topics of Laws of Motion

Serial No. Topics
1 Inertia & Newton's 1st Law
2 Newton's 2nd & 3rd Law
3 Free Body Diagrams
4 Connected Motion in Verticle directions
5 Atwood Machine (Simple Pulley)
6 Concept of Inclined Plane
7 Connected Motion on Horizontal Plane
8 Velocity Constraint Relations: 1
9 Velocity Constraint Relations: 2
10 Acceleration Constraint (Wedge Constraint 1)
11 Wedge Constraint: 2
12 Pulley Constraint
13 Questions on Moving Pulley
14 Introduction to Friction
15 Questions on Friction
16 Angle of Friction & Angle of Repose
17 Minimum Force to Keep a Body Stationary Inclined Plane 
18 Dynamics of Circular Motion


Chapter's Weightage in NEET Exam

Class Chapter Expected questions
11th Class Laws of Motion  

Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

Serial No. Laws of Motion
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