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Current Electricity - Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

The table given below elucidates the topics of Current Electricity

Serial No. Topics
1 Current Carriers
2 Electric Current
3 Electromotive Force
4 Grouping of Similar Cells
5 Conductors in Absence of Electric Field
6 Conductors in Presence of Electric Field
7 Ohm's Law
8 Resistivity & Conductivity
9 Ohm's Law in Vector Form
10 Ohmic & Non-Ohmic Devices
11 Static & Dynamic Resistance
12 Colour Coding
13 Grouping of Resistors
14 Grouping of Resistors (Method of Common Potential)
15 Grouping of Resistors
16 Grouping of Resistors (Connection Removal Method)
17 Grouping of Resistors (Infinite Ladder)
18 Net Resistance Integration
19 Net Resistance ( Y and Y to.. Conversion)
20 Variation of Resistance of Conductor & Semi Conductor with Temperature
21 Kirchoff's 1st Law
22 Kirchoff's 2nd Law
23 Derivation of Wheatstone Bridge & Questions
24 Calculation of Net Resistance using Kirchoff's Laws
25 Temperature Measurement using Wheatstonr Bridge
26 Metre Bridge
27 Groupingof Dissimilar Cells
28 Superposition Theorem
29 Potentiometer (Basic Concept)
30 Principle of Potentiometer
31 Application of Potentiometer(Measuring Unknown Potential Difference)-Current Electricity
32 Application of Potentiometer( Comparison of EMF of Two Cells)
33 Application of Potentiometer(Measuring Internal Resistance of a Cell)
34 Questions on Potentiometer
35 Two Possible Errors in Galvanometer
36 Sensitivity of Potentiometer
37 Basics of Healing Effects & Electric Bulb
38 Series & Parallel Grouping of Appliances
39 Calculation for Heat Dissipation
40 Electric Fuse & Thermal Equilibrium


Chapter's Weightage in NEET Exam

Class Chapter Expected questions
12th Class Current Electricity 3

Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

Serial No. Current Electricity
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