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Animal Kingdom - Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

The table given below elucidates the topics of Animal Kingdom

Serial No. Topics
1 Basis of Classification
2 Basis of Classification
3 Phylum Porifera
4 Phylum Coelenterata
5 Phylum Ctenophera & Platyhelminthes
6 Phylum Aschelminthes
7 Phylum Annelida
8 Phylum Arthropoda
9 Phylum Mollusca
10 Phylum Echinodermata
11 Phylum Hemichordata
12 Phylum Chordata
13 General Intro of Vertebrata & Agnatha
14 Comparative study of Cartilagenous & Bony Fishes
15 Study of Amphibians
16 Study of Reptilia
17 Study of Aves & Mammalia


Chapter's Weightage in NEET Exam

Class Chapter Expected questions
11th Class Animal Kingdom 2

Questions, Tests and Video Lectures

Serial No. Animal Kingdom
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