NEET Botany Molecular Basis of Inheritance Questions Solved


(a) Differentiate between repetitive and satellite DNA.

(b) How can satellite DNA be isolated ? Explain.

(c) List two forensic applications of this technology.                            (5 marks)


                      Repetitive DNA                                           Satellite DNA

  These are the sequences in which a small        When repetitive DNA is seperated from bulk geno-

  stretch of DNA is repeated many times.           mic DNA as different peaks during density gradient

                                                                      centrifugation, satellite DNA forms minor peaks.


(b) Repetitive DNA are seperated from bulk genomic DNA as different peaks during density

     gradient centrifugation. The bulk DNA forms a major peak and the other small peaks are called 

     satellite DNA.


(c) (i) DNA fingerprinting is the basis of paternity testing, in case of disputes.

     (ii) DNA fingerprinting is used for evidence in criminal cases.

Depending on the base composition A : T rich or G : C rich length of segment, and number of repe-

titive units, satellite DNA are of different types micro-satellites, mini-satellites etc.

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