NEET Physics Semiconductor Electronics Questions Solved


(i) Name two important processes that occur during the formation of a pn junction.

(ii) Draw the circuit diagram of a full wave rectifier along with the input and output waveforms. Briefly explain how the output voltage/current is unidirectional.

(i) Diffusion and Drift      or                                                  (1/2+1/2) marks

      a) Appearence of a BARRIER POTENTIAL across the junction.

      b) Formation of a DEPLETION REGION on either side of the junction.

(ii) Circuit diagram                                                                    (1) marks

                                                 (1/2) marks

Because of (i) the use of the centre tap transformer and (ii) the manner in which the load is connected , the voltage across/current through , the load has the same direction during both halfs of the input wave                                   (1/2) marks

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