NEET Physics Ray Optics and Optical Instruments Questions Solved


The value of Brewster angle for a transparent medium in different for light of different colours.Give reasons                       (2)

When unpolarised light is incident on the surface separting two media,the reflected light gets (completely) polarized only when the reflected light and refracted light become perpendicular to each other.                                 (1)


If the student draws the diagram,as shown,and writes ip as the polarizing angle, award this 1 mark. If student just writes μ=tan ip,award half mark only.]

The refractive index of denser medium, with respect to rarer medium, is given by μ=tan ip                                                            12

Since Refractive index(μ) of a transparent medium is different for different colours, hence Brewster angle is different for different colours.       12

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